Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baker's Man

While making Valentine's cookies with my kids tonight, Ryan thought he'd get in on the action as well.

(I thought I'd closed the lid tight on the flour. Guess not.)

I had to vacuum the floor and the baby. He thought it was hilarious and laughed the whole time.

The kids had a great time making cookies.

Cutting heart shapes was great.

But even more fun was making snakes and snowmen and cakes and whatever! Better than playdoh 'cuz you can eat this stuff!


Purcellville said...

SO SUPER CUTE! Your cookies look mighty tasty!!! Luv you all!

Beckie said...

Hooray for Valentines Cookies! Gotta love that! And ryan-- wow== What a mess!

Hailey Jones said...

That totally made me smile! Your kids are getting big way too fast! The cookies look yummy, next time you could mail us some if you'd like;)