Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's for lunch?

I was wondering the other day...what do stay-at -home moms eat for lunch. I know what I have. I make my kids mac & cheese or ramen noodles or possibly leftovers and then I might pick a little at their food or just not eat lunch at all. I am pretty good at making dinner every night. I've been better at my meal planning (Thanks Natalie!) and that has taken a lot of the stress off of "Whats for dinner?". I've even started cooking one meal a week with my friend Lorna. We get together at one or the other's home and cook dinner for both our families. Then, we can take the dish we made back to our respective homes and Voila! Dinner is served. Its been really fun to cook with a friend. We are trying new recipes and just having a great time visiting while we cook.
Here is my new red pot. I LOVE it! It is so functional and beautiful. Food cooks quickly and evenly and I got a smokin' deal on it. And its RED!
I had seen these enamel coated, cast iron pots for a while and had been drooling over them. My husband even wanted one. So when a deal I couldn't pass up came along, I snached one. Two actually!
Lorna and I made garlic potato soup the other day. It was snowing and blowing and just looked like a good soup day. It was and so was the soup. Yummy!
But back to my original question. What do you eat for lunch? I'm tired of Mac & Cheese (although Hannah asked for it for breakfast today!) and I'm tired of ramen noodles.
So, tell me, What's for Lunch?


Natalie said...

I just got a red dutch oven, too! I'm in love as well :)

Lunch? Hmm... If there aren't any leftovers, I usually eat what I make for Sophie. Everyday she wants a quesadilla because she helps me make it. I throw some chopped baby spinach in there or any other bits from the fridge that I think she'll eat. Both girls really like soup and if I don't have any leftovers, I'll put a can of tomato sauce in a pot with some chicken stock, Italian seasoning, some frozen veggies, grated cheese, and some alphabet pasta if I have it on hand. (And a little half-and-half... I'm trying to put more meat on their bones :)) Sophie actually asked for that the other day.

Cindy said...

i don't stay at home, but at least once a week i'll scramble some eggs and have toast or frozen waffles with them. there are also some really great frozen soy "chicken" patties that we get all the time. throw one in the microwave, put some ranch, wingers sauce or mustard on it, have some chips and an orange and it's a pretty decent lunch.

Hailey Jones said...

tuna fish sandwich, turkey sandwich, pb&j or pb&honey, frozen chicken nuggets, pasta roni, grilled cheese sandwich, cheese quesadilla (sometimes with chicken), chilli & cheese burritos, and any of those frozen little pizzas. And sometimes leftovers from past dinners. That's about it in a nutshell, I know we are not very creative and I try to throw in carrot sticks or some sort of veggie and fruits most of the time. That soup looks delicious....hope you guys are all happy and healthy!

Jake and Krista said...

We usuaully do sandwiches...I have recently discovered that my George Forman grill can also act as a panini press! I also make bean and cheese burritos on it. Sometimes when I'm feeling really ambitious I'll buy a pack of cresents (the kind you bake) and roll ham and cheese in them. Lyss doesn't really like those, but me and Jake love them!