Friday, June 11, 2010

Bear Lake: A preview

Because I get a little neurotic about details and because we needed to get away, we took a little trip to Bear Lake yesterday. I wanted to check out our campsite that I had reserved for my family (parents, brothers and sister along with myself). I wanted to make sure all of our "stuff" would fit in the space allotted to us. I loose sleep over parking spaces and such...

Anyway, we drove to Bear Lake through Wyoming. It was a gorgeous drive that takes you through Star Valley. It seems weird to start traveling north to end up south, but oh well. It rained the entire way. We got to our campsite just in time for a terrific hailstorm and a huge downpour. The weather did give us a break long enough to get out, look around and snap a few pictures. The kids loved it. I did not love the mud.

Ryan did not want to pose for any pictures. That would slow him down from his muddy pursuits.

Next we drove around the lake some, just looking and getting an idea of what was available. The kids were restless, so we let them get out at the North beach and run up to the water. There is probably a quarter mile of just sand before you get to the water. The wind was blowing very hard so the water was really choppy. It was COLD too! Not just the water, the wind. Needless to say, we didn't stay very long.

Around the east side of the lake, there are some private properties mixed in with the park. This is a cute playhouse we saw at one of the properties. The Old Woman's shoe and her children too!

Have you ever had the realization that you have lived somewhere your whole life and never knew something existed? That was me yesterday. We stopped in Soda Springs and saw the geyser. I never knew it was even there. Granted, I don't live there but I've lived in Idaho my whole life. You would think I'd have a clue. Anyway, the kids thought it was awesome and you can walk around the whole thing. They have capped it and put it on a timer so it goes off every hour.

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Hannah and Garrett were not fond of the sulfur smell. They both told me, while pointing to the stream that runs under the boardwalk, "It smells like fart over there!" I couldn't help but laugh. I told them thats what geysers smell like. They weren't impressed.


Hailey Jones said...

We've been up to Bear Lake twice already in the past month. Ryan finally finished that deck on the cabin he's been working on. In fact the cabin we stay at is pretty close to the "Shoe" cabin. Fun times up there, we LOVE it! Hope you guys continue doing lots of fun stuff! Miss you!

Beckie said...

Hooray hooray - can't wait to get away!

Kris Purcell said...

Oh, what a good looking family that I love, love, love.