Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garrett is EIGHT!

Garrett turned 8 on Sunday, June 27th. He is such a sweet boy! Here he is all ready for church. You can't really see it but I got him a CTR pin for his tie. He was very excited about it.

Instead of birthday cake, he requested brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yum! We made brownies on Friday at the reunion and he requested the same thing again on Sunday at my parent's house. This is definitely my kid...brownies over cake anyday! Here he is with his cousin, Sean (sorry if its misspelled), picking candles out of his brownies.

When we got home Saturday, we went shopping for his present. He got to pick it out. He knew he was getting a new bike. He chose it. We went in the bike shop and the guy asked what he wanted. Garrett told him he wanted a bike with gears and shocks. The guy asked if he liked the color red. (Red is Garrett's favorite color and he told us on the way to the store that he hoped he could get a red bike!). Garrett's eyes got wide and he grinned and nodded, "yes". He took this baby for a test ride and it was love! Haha!

He is one cool kid in his sunglasses. His 2nd front tooth is almost grown in too! He is such a good kid and a good helper too. He is quite the tease (like his dad) but is so good with Hannah and Ryan. He is pretty easy going and is willing to try anything...once.

He begged me and begged me to mow the lawn. "Dad lets me do it all the time!" he tells me. Ok, I think. He's gotta learn sometime, eh? He drove our other one all the time. So I mowed the edges and let him go on the front lawn (under my close supervision, of course).

He did great! He was cautious and did a perfect job! He wanted to listen to the ipod while he was mowing, like Blaine does, but I told him until he had been mowing lawn for 30 years and he knew his mower inside out and all its little sounds, that he could not wear the earphones and listen to music. He said OK. Anything to get on that mower! Then he asked me how old dad was. Hmmm... Smart kid.

After he had mowed the whole front lawn, he got off the mower, came up to me and said, "That was awesome! Dad never lets me mow that much!!" Thats right, mom's the cool one!! Haha!



Hailey Jones said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Garrett!!! I can't believe he is already that grown up!! What a little stud!

Beckie said...

OOh Happy Birthday -- I just love love love him--he is super sweet and great to be around!! Now think of how much help he can be@

Jake and Krista said...

Thats great that he ccan mow the lawn! It's great when kids become useful even if its just taking the diapers out!!