Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jones Family Reunion

This week we went to Burley for Blaine's family reunion. It was such a fun time and the weather was great! The night before the "official" start date of the reunion, most of the family had gathered at Blaine's parent's home. The kids were roasting marshmallows and the adults were enjoying the nice weather (for a change). Ryan found his favorite toy on the deck. A jumping horse! I put him on and he went to town on that thing! No fear baby! Ride 'em cowboy!

Ryan even took his cousin, Taylor for a ride on the horse. Ride 'em cowkids! She is a lot more hesitant on the horse than Ryan is. He is all boy!

Garrett had fun roasting marshmallows and eating them but found out later what happens when you eat one or four too many. Marshmallows revisited! :( Garrett felt better after that but spent the night on the couch. Blaine stayed in the house with him and ended up sleeping on the floor. Not a comfortable option. I stayed outside in our tent with Ryan and Hannah and spent a very chilly night out there. It wasn't until the next day that I realized our "moon view" window was open and was letting the breeze blow right through the tent. BRRRR!! I didn't sleep much that night. I sent a text to Blaine at around 2 am that said: I'm cold. Hannah crawled in bed with me around 4 am and together we got warm. So, not much sleeping was done that night. Oh well, cuz the next day was so much fun!

We reserved an awesome place called Harris Pond in Burley. It is a man-made pond/play area that was developed by a sweet family. It is right in their back yard! They have canoes, paddle boats, a fountain, an island in the pond with a walkway to get there, swings into the pond, a slide and even a zip line over the pond! They built an awesome shelter with picnic tables, counters, sink, refrigerator and even speakers built in for music. This place was truly a little bit of heaven. Blaine and Jason wasted no time getting on the water!

Here is a picture of the zip line tower and slide into the pond. That is Clifton and Reagan getting ready to zip over the pond. I think Reagan dropped into the pond that time. Sorry about the pictures. I don't have a SMOKIN' camera like my sister-in-law, Jenn. Her pictures rocked!

Here is Garrett and Jordan in the canoe. I took the picture from the walkway that goes to the island in the pond. Garrett spend a lot of time on the water. He loved it!

They had kiddie toys and pools set up for the little ones. It was so nice knowing that Hannah and Ryan (for the most part) were on the grass, playing in the water or in the playhouse.

Here is the swing. They are getting ready to give Christopher a push over the pond. Those guys could really get swinging high! That swing is held up by two telephone poles! It was impressive.

After lunch, the owner of the pond brought out his kiddie train. The kids thought this was awesome. Hannah would only ride with Blaine but Ryan jumped right in. He rode once with Reagan and once with Garrett and then cried and cried when he had to get out!

The train was pulled by a golf cart. He took them all around and back. You could see those kids smiling from far away! Very cool!

Because I'm usually the one taking the pictures, there are never any of me in them. So, I took this one of myself to prove I was there.

Friday, after another not-so-great night (air mattress gone flat) we went to the mountains south of Twin Falls and rode 4-wheelers. Blaine took the boys for a ride up to the lookout on the mountain. They loved it. Garrett can't wait until he is big enough to ride the 4-wheeler by himself.

My men, back from their ride!

Jolynn took Hannah and Isabel for a ride as well. Hannah loved it too! It was such a fun time and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, although the back of my neck did get a little burned. Oh well. We had such a great time at the family reunion! Thanks to Shareese and Tyanna for organizing it. Until next time...


Beckie said...

That pond looks like an awesome place!! Too much fun!!!

Hailey Jones said...

Sorry we missed it. But it looks like you guys had fun anyways, which is a surprise since we weren't there;)