Monday, November 1, 2010


The day before Halloween we were going to take the kids to Trick-or-Treat street in town but the line was literally 1/2 mile long! We decided to go out to Beckie's house on the farm and take some pictures.

We loaded up the kids and took a 4-wheeler ride down the road to visit the neighbors. Bill & Janna were surprised to see us! The kids thought is was awesome. Kara was a good sport and rode in the trailer with the kids. I think we got some weird looks from the cars passing by.

The it was off to see Grandpa in the field. The little boys liked to trick-or-treat him because he had ice cream!!

All the kids with Grandpa. Ryan was obsessed with the tractor and would only hold still there.

It was getting dark so Doug followed us home in his pickup. He would rev the engine and the kids would scream, "Go faster! He is going to get us!"

Saturday was when we actually celebrated Halloween. We were in charge of the trunk or treat for our ward. We combined it with the other ward in our building and served hot chocolate and cider. It was a hit. People dressed up and decorated their trunks. Here is our friend Tyler. He is a hippie/Rasta sitting in the back of his VW bus. It has a mural painted on the side. Very cool!

I took the kids around and had to lead them in a parade. Very much out of my comfort zone!! It is fun to dress up, though!

Next, we went to my grandma's house to trick or treat her. I love that she lives so close and I have these pictures with her and my kids. My kids love going to her house.

Blaine wore this old man mask when he walked in. Grandma looked up and she wasn't expecting to see him like that. She jumped and screamed! Haha!

Blaine is giving her a kiss.

I think she liked it!!

Next, it was off to my parent's house for trick or treating with cousins and the brownies came. Jonah was superman, complete with the curl in his hair!

Beckie was a sexy, spidery witch thing!

Doug, Kara & Karston all dressed up like Shaggy, Velma and Scooby Doo. They even won a costume contest. So cute!

Halloween was so fun but I am so glad it is over! In between all of this I helped with Garrett's class party and Blaine, Garrett and I helped in the spook alley for the school carnival. Blaine was a very scary scarecrow and although I was just there to keep people from falling on their face after being scared by Blaine, I think I scared a few too. I was in the shadows, all dressed in black! Haha! Fun times!


Beckie said...

It was a good year-- seemed like it lasted forever! I am kind of glad to be done- but I love dressin Porter up in costumes!!

Hailey Jones said...

So cute! You guys all looked great! I love Halloween, thanks for sharing!!!

Purcellville said...

It was LOTS of fun! I especially love the pictures with Grandma! She is so cute! Good pics Jodi we should do the little trailor ride again next year I loved riding back there with the kids they were HILLARIOUS!

Jake and Krista said...

What fun times! I'm way jealous of all the cousins and fam around you...I want to live there sooooo bad!!!And how fun to live right down the road from grandma!