Sunday, October 28, 2012

Summer 2012 Randoms

What we did this summer:

We grew a garden.  Most things grew really well (beans, peas, tomatoes, onions,  peppers, cucumbers), other things grew so-so (squash, potatoes, raspberries), and others not at all (pumpkins and carrots).  We canned a bunch of stuff and ate fresh fruits and vegetables.   We did not grow corn this year but enjoyed eating it all the same!

We went to Rigby Lake.  We went a bunch of times.

Its close, its cheap, its shallow at the edges for little kids.  We love it!

We went with Beckie 3 times, well I went with Beckie 3 times, my family went with her 4 times!
Beckie loves the lake.  She likes to just float around and relax.  Nice!

I also love that there is grass just behind the sandy area.  Keeps you so much cleaner!  Here is me, Beckie and Kara just chillin' on Labor day.  Not many people here this day either.  Awesome!

We snuggled clean, cute babies!
(Actually my kids spend a ton of time in the water.  Garrett, Hannah and Ryan took swimming lessons this summer.  In addition to pool time, lake time, running through the sprinkler time and bath time, my kids should have been little brown raisins this summer!  Luckily, they were just brown!

We went boating with friends.  Our awesome friends, the Coffmans invited us to go boating at Blacktail one night.  We had a ton of fun and I actually rode the tube behind the boat.  I'm pretty sure their daughter was videoing the whole thing and my face is probably a mix of laughing, sheer terror and screaming.  I'm pretty sure there is some look of G-forces trying to push the skin off my face as we whipped around corners in the 3 man tube.  Good times, right?  :)

We went to a family reunion with Blaine's family.  It was a lot of fun.  We watched a movie outside one night-so much fun.  The next day was lots of fun games and getting wet.  They played a water kickball game that got everyone wet!

We played minute to win it type games.  Here is Garrett and Lucy trying to get the cookie into their mouths without touching it. 

 It was lots of fun to hang out with everyone.  And EVERYONE was there.  Its a big group when they are all together but its fun just the same!

So the last thing we did at the family reunion (off the official agenda) was to milk a goat.  
Blaine's sister Rachelle has a couple milk goats (among other things) so we decided to have a turn at milking the goat.  The kids loved it.  Above is Hannah (with help from Rachelle) milking this very patient goat.  Nice.
And, last but certainly not least, we mowed lawn.  Once or twice a week from may to the end of September or so.  Here is Blaine with Blake.  The kids like to ride with us around the yard.  Garrett is old enough that if we mow the edges, he can mow the rest.  Awesome!   Ah, as much work as it was, I'm kinda missing my green lawn and warm sunshine.   
We had a great summer with lots of fun things seen and done!   Can't wait until next summer!!

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Purcellville said...

Busy! busy! busy! Fun summer time fun. We love that Hannah Girl too and are so thankful for each special baby in our wonderful family! Cute posts Jodi!