Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We love Halloween around here and we usually have a few events leading up to the actual day.  First off the year, the Halloween Carnival at the kids' school.  Our friend Lorna is always in charge of the spook alley and we try to help out where we can.  This year, Garrett was a glow-in-the-dark stick figure in one of the rooms of the spook alley.   While he did that, I took Hannah, Ryan and Blake to the rest of the carnival.  It was fun for all.  

Here is Garrett all dressed and ready to go.

Here's what he looks like in the dark.  It is a really cool effect and when there is a whole room full of these guys just standing there and then they start moving towards you, it can be a little creepy!

At the carnival they did face painting.  Ryan got a handlebar mustache and beard (although his beard is dang near worn off by this point).  Still lots of fun!

Carving pumpkins is a must.  Here is Garrett and Blaine getting ready to gut the first one.

Ryan, showing how strong he is to lift up his pumpkin.   

Miss Hannah scooping seeds.

The finished product.  Yay!

Next up for fun activities is witches' night.  Always a fun event hosted by my friend Lorna and her mother and sisters.  This year Jessica came with me.  Don't we look witchy?  So much fun to get out with a large group of women, all dressed as witches.  You should see the looks we get.  This year one man asked if he could take a picture with a group of us.  Lots of fun!

Here is my kiddos on Halloween, getting ready to go to the trunk-or-treat at our church. Hannah is a black cat, Blake is a monkey, Ryan is a skunk and Garrett is a Lego man.   

After the trunk or treat, we headed over to my parent's house for trick or treating with the cousins.  Doug and Kara always have the cutest group costumes.  This year was Bert, Mary Poppins and two little chimney sweeps.  Very cute!

Porter the tiger and Ryan the skunk.  (Ryan kept calling it the stunk).

Garrett made this costume himself with help from his buddy, Topher.  They each made one for themselves.  Very creative boys!  See those bright blue eyes peeking out!

Baby Paige trying to figure out what all the noise and commotion is.

Baby Bryndyn (little lamb with her bottle).  When she first got to my mom's, she was actually chewing on that huge calf bottle.  Funny!

My cute little skunk.  Look at those big brown eyes.  When we were out trick or treating, if you ask him what a skunk does, he would turn his little tail towards you and make a spraying sound.  Nice.  Who taught him that?  

Sweet little kitty cat!

An attempt at a group picture with all the kids.  Dang near impossible but worth a try.  Here we have Beckie with Paige, Remi with Bryndyn, Lexie on the floor, Garrett, Jayson, Jonah, Hannah and Liam.

Halloween was a big success and as always, the brownies came and brought goodies!  We had such a fun time this Halloween season!  Thanks to all our friends and family who got to help us with it and share it with us!

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