Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ok, so I am just now getting around to posting something that happened exactly one month ago!  Time has just flown since then.

My spunky little Ryan turned 4 on November 24.  We had a quite little party with just us and it was lots of fun.  Ryan was so excited to see all his presents wrapped in Thomas the Train paper.  If you know this kid at all, you know he LOVES trains.  He knows all about them and doesn't hesitate to tell you about them.

What kid doesn't like to get candy?  Ryan is our candy hound.  He can sniff it out of any hiding spot!  He is fun and mischievous and all "snips and snails".  He is a tease and doesn't always like to do what he is asked but he has a good heart and is a really sweet little boy.

Ah, Thomas the Train tattoos.  Sweet!   Ryan loves to play school with Hannah, he knows his colors, numbers and letters and anything that starts with "R" must belong to him.  

A loader that can be completely taken apart and put back together!  Every little boy's dream toy!

So, because I loathe making and decorating cakes and it was so close to Thanksgiving, we chose to have cupcakes and the kids decorated them as they desired.  Ryan loved putting googly eyes on his and loved eating them even more!

Garrett with his large mouth cupcake.

Ok some quick things about Ryan:
Favorite color:  Green
Favorite food: candy, milk, bananas, apples, bread, and just about anything.  He's not too picky.
Favorite toy: Thomas the trains, or any train for that matter
Height: 38 inches (10th percentile)
Weight: 33.2 pounds (10th percentile)
He is all boy.  He spent the majority of the summer digging in my flower beds with trucks and shovels.  He loves to be outside and to help in the yard.  He is also my kitchen helper and taster of the dough.  Any dough.  He has a tender heart and is a good big brother to Blake.  

He's always been our little guy, our challenge, our sweetheart, our tease, our child that I wonder if he'll make it to his next birthday.  (Just kidding, kind of).   We love this kid soooo much!   Our family wouldn't be complete without him.  Love you Ryan!!

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Beckie said...

OOh I just love his big big eyes!! HE is such a funny kid!!