Monday, February 4, 2013

Catching up...with lots of pictures!

Wow!   Time has just flown and our life has been busy and crazy and crazy busy!   We had awesome holidays and New Year and are just settling in to our new and improved crazy schedule!

At the end of November, they changed our ward boundaries.  I became the new Primary President (eek!) and Blaine is the first counselor in the Elders Quorum presidency.  Our kids now think we live at the church and go to many meetings.  (We kinda do.)

Christmas Eve brought new and old traditions.  We were going to go visit my Grandma Cook and made it about halfway there before we decided the weather was too nasty and the roads were too slick.  We called her on the phone and sang to her for Christmas.  We had fondue for dinner (new tradition) and opened our usual one present for Christmas Eve (old tradition).

Everyone all snuggly and warm in their new Christmas Eve pajamas!

Santa brought lots of great things, including a rocking chair for Blake.  Each child has a chair with their name on it and a different picture.  It is something they can keep and have when they have their own kids!

Garrett got a Red Ryder BB Gun.  He was SO excited!

Blake trying out his new chair.

There were lots of homemade gifts this year.  My super talented friend Jessica made each of the kids hats.  The kids love them and wear them daily.

They match each of their coats and personalities.

Ryan is always green.  

I made each of the kids a new blanket (with the help of my sister).  The kids love them too, but who doesn't love a new soft and warm blanket to snuggle in?

Garrett showing off his blanket.

While we were getting ready to go to my parents' house on Christmas, Garrett had to try out his gun.

My dad's new hat.  Its awesome and WARM!

We have had lots of snow and even had a snow day from school this year.  There has been lots of opportunities to play in the snow with friends and cousins.

On New Years Eve, we got to open some Christmas presents from Blaine's sister and her family.   She knew just the thing for each kid.  Here is Ryan's apron with Thomas the Train stuff on it.  (BIG HIT!!!)  She made the aprons out of jeans.  There is even a pocket.  So cool!

Here is Hannah's apron.  It is her favorite colors and things:  pink, gold and has princesses on it.   She was so excited!

Garrett got a chef's hat.   He was so excited.  They all were so pleased with their gifts and were more eager to help in the kitchen. 

New years day we went sledding with friends out in New Sweeden.  It was cold but fun!

This was the first time Blake got to get dressed up and go out in the snow.  He loved it!  I thought he would hate it because once he gets bundled up, he's kinda like Randy in "A Christmas Story".  He can't put his arms down.  Haha!

We hung out by the straw stack.  It was warm, was a good wind block and kept the kids entertained because there was lots of stuff to climb on.  Here is Ryan and Pearson waiting for their turn to sled.

I did not sled but was sporting my new cool hat from Christmas.  I bought one for my dad and myself.  They look funny but are oh, so warm!!

Ok, so that's what we've been up to lately.   I am going to try to stay caught up better this year since this is my family journal.  Hope everyone had a great holiday season and new years!   We love you all!

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