Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spring Break Day 1

This year for Spring break we decided to take a little time off and go visit family.  We went to Jerome to stay a few days with Blaine's brother Clifton and his family.   We had lots of fun while there.  The first day we went to Boise to the Discovery Center.  It was great and everything is hands on.  Its fun for kids and adults!

Ryan is listening to the radio through this can.  It sounded different depending on what size can you put on the magnet.  Very cool!

 Blake is pushing a button that sends a metal ring shooting into the sky.  I think this one was about vibration.  You were supposed to see if you could hold the ring in place while the button was pushed.  Good luck with that.

 This exhibit had air blowing up and you had different shaped balls to see how they floated.  The football floating in the air was really cool.

 This was probably my favorite one.  The kids are using a pulley system to pull up huge bubbles.  

 Blaine is on the other side blowing the bubble towards the kids.  They were pretty strong bubbles but will pop on you.  So fun!

 This was mechanical legs.  They represented the muscles in your legs.  You had to make them work together to pedal the bike.  Not as easy as you would think.

 This was another favorite.  It was a pedal powered generator.  You had to pedal as hard as you could to turn on all three lights, one at a time.  It was like pedaling your bike in first gear all the time-no resistance.  I got all three lights on but it was harder than it looks.

 Garrett and Brandon built an arch.  Its fun because you build it on the table and then stand it up and hope it doesn't come crashing down.  Good job guys!   They did have some help from one of the volunteers there.  Those folks are awesome.  They help you if needed and are able to explain everything.

 Gavin lying on the bed of nails.

 Even the sign for the discovery center is cool!

 Afterwards, we went to the park next door and had a picnic.  It was a little chilly but still fun.  Aunt Jenn took the kids to feed the ducks and geese.  I think there is a goose close and Hannah is getting nervous.
 Now Blake is nervous.  Geese hiss at you, you know.

 Next we went to the old Idaho State Penitentiary.  The kids were getting tired but it was still fun.

 Its a self guided tour.  Lots of cool facts were displayed.

 The cells were small.  Blaine's shoulders don't fit in the doorway and his head is touching the top of the door frame.  
 A view of the cells from the outside.  There were three stories of them.  These ones were 2 to a cell.

 Bunk beds.

 The women had a separate ward, built by women, I think.

All over there were stories about different inmates.  Here is one of the women.  Cuckoo!

It was very fun and interesting there and we could have spend A LOT more time there.  They were closing and they announce that its time to go unless you want to be an overnight guest.  No thanks!

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