Monday, July 22, 2013

Spring Break Day 2

Clifton and Jenn took us for a picnic on our second day with them.  We went into the canyon in Buhl near a fish hatchery.  It was a gorgeous area and so warm for March.  (At least for us).  Here is Brandon on a huge rock.

Hannah and Gavin waiting for lunch.

Blaine and Jodi-twinners

After lunch we went to the viewing window at the hatchery.  It was so cool and there were tons of fish in the pond.  We were feeding them crackers and stuff so they were swarming near the window up above. 

They had a huge sturgeon in there too.  Very big and ugly looking.

There was a grassy hill near the pond and the kids loved rolling down it.   It was such a nice day and almost hot.  We were loving it.  Everything was green and the flowers were in bloom.  

Roll, Garrett, Roll

Ryan and Blake going back up the hill.  See the daffodils in bloom?  Loved it!

Jordan, Blake and Ryan

Garrett, Ryan and Hannah rolling down the hill.

After that, we drove in the canyon a little ways and went to another fish hatchery.  This one had alligators, though.  There were 5 or 6 and they were kinda boring.  Didn't move at all.  Boo.

Cool alligator parking sign with the whole family!

Then we took a little scenic drive through Thousand Springs and Hagerman to Malad Gorge.  Its this super deep gorge and there is a waterfall down there somewhere.  

You walked across this metal bridge that is over the gorge.  It is a little bouncy when everyone gets on.  The freeway runs right next to it.  Underneath us here is a waterfall.   

After you cross the bridge, there is a path and you get a better scenic view of the waterfall.  That brown strip at the top is the bridge we walked across.  Very cool!

We had so much fun these two days with Clifton and Jenn and their family!  Thanks so much for having us!

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