Monday, September 16, 2013

The rest of Spring Break 2013

We spent the last couple days of spring break visiting Blaine's parents in Burley.   The kids had fun doing farm stuff and helping Grandma and Grandpa Jones.

Ryan rode in the tractor with Grandpa.  He loves any type of tractor or truck or train 
so this was very fun for him.  Luckily, it wasn't very long because his attention span is short!

Off they go!

Garrett helped Grandma Jones move chickens from one coop to another.  Interesting work.

What a good helper.  This is right before this chicken got away and started running all over the yard.  Luckily, cousin Christopher was right there and is a fast chicken catcher!   Could have made for an interesting day otherwise.  I didn't want to grab it.

The weather was so nice that we decided to go to the park.   We went to visit Shareese at the Library in Rupert, got some ice cream and then went to Story Book Park in Burley.   We used to take Garrett there when he was about Blake's age.  Younger even.   

Ryan had a great time playing on the toys and of course found the boat to drive.

We had an Easter Egg hunt, thanks to Aunt JaNene and Grandma Jones!

And, we aquired the newest member of the family, Elsie the cow.  She is actually my dad's cow and is now very tame.  The kids love going over to see her be milked and have learned a lot about where milk comes from, what raw milk tastes like, how to skim the cream off the milk and what happens if you don't get all the cream off.   Fun times.

It was a great spring break and we are so thankful for all the family who let us crash with them!

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