Monday, September 16, 2013

Garrett's Arrow of Light

In May, Garrett received his Arrow of Light award.  

They had a special ceremony for it.  There is a wonderful family in our district that puts on a great ceremony, filled with lots of Native American stuff and explains everything to the boys.  Very cool.

This is the group that puts it on.  You could get your picture taken with them.  Garrett was kind of embarrssed to do this but I'm glad he did.  I think its a great picture!

Later that month, our pack had a bridging ceremony for the boys turning 11.  Garrett got a new scout shirt and a new neckerchief for this event.  There is a lady in our ward who has hand painted the neckerchiefs for many many years for the scouts. No two are alike.  I am glad Garrett was able to have one of these special items.  Here is Garrett with Grandma Purcell who came for the bridging ceremony.

Garrett with Mom and Dad.  We are so proud of him.   As a webelos scout, he earned all 20 activity pins.  That's a huge accomplishment and we know he'll do well as an 11 year old scout and beyond!

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