Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bear Lake

Lately, we have tried to make a trip to Bear Lake every summer.  This year we went camping with our friends the Hopkins and also met up with my brother Doug and his family, along with their friends Mark and Misty Richardson and Joyce and Carlan Mullen.   Tons of fun.  Doug brought a boat borrowed from a neighbor and we rented a stand up paddle board while we were down there.  Here is proof I was on it.  It was fun but took some getting used to and finding your balance.  The very next day, though, I was kneeling on it and was kind of getting off/kinda getting bucked off and was in some pretty shallow water.  I put my right leg down to catch myself and ended up twisting my left knee (still on the board) and spraining it.  (MRI and Physical therapy to follow in the fall for me).

It was still very fun to be at the lake.  Warm water, not very many people, sand, sun, relaxation.  My kind of fun.  I love that it is so shallow that I don't worry too much about the kids.

The kids mostly hang out in the super shallow areas anyway.  Its warmer there.  Here is Karsten, Blake and Jayden.

Here is Creedance and Hannah, also enjoying the shallow water and warm sand.  

Ryan in the warm water too!
They played a lot on the boat and I have vidoes of that to prove it.  Just can't figure out how to get them on here!
Anyway...can't wait to go next year with my family!

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