Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Blake #2

My baby turned 2 on July 25.  What a sweetheart!   He is so into trucks and trains and anything with wheels.  The bubble lawnmower from grandma was a big hit! 
Who can resist that face?   He really wanted this rubbery alligator for his birthday so Garrett drew an alligator on his cake.  He carries that thing everywhere!

Waiting for his presents.  No peeking!

All my kids.  Look how tan they are!  This is Blake's little train he got for his birthday.  He loved it!   It was hard to get all 4 kids to look the same way and not be silly.  See Hannah's face?    At two years old Blake is a sweet little boy.  He loves doing whatever big brothers or his sister are doing.  He loves animals, but only to look at in a book.  Don't even think about bringing a live animal near him.  If you ask him "who loves you?"  He'll say "mommy do."  or daddy do or whever is asking him at that time.  He's clever that way.  Well guess what Blake?  Who loves you?   Mommy do.

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