Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Hannah #7

For Hannah's birthday, she really wanted to go get a mani-pedi.   No complaints here.  We went to a place in town that has a kiddie chair.  It looks like a huge bear.  Its just her size and she can watch a movie too.  It was kind of exciting though because they started the water in the tub and walked off and it overflowed all over the floor.  I wasn't sure how to turn it off and finally the ladies came and cleaned up the mess.  Oops!  Here are her cute toes and fingernails.

Hannah wanted this M&M cake.  It has m&m's on the outside and when you cut into it, more m&m's spill out.   The poor cake was trying to break apart from the weight of the candy though.  It was a pretty yummy cake though and she loved it!

We invited my family over and since its Liam's birthday too, we did a 2 for 1!   Hannah and Liam are like twins separated at birth.  They are 15 min. apart.  They compliment each other too.  
Hannah is so smart and loves music.  She dances and sings and likes all things girly.  
Happy Birthday Hannah girl!

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