Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thinking of Spring

Yesterday was cold and windy. It snowed a little too. It makes me sad because on Saturday it was in the 60's and feeling like spring. So, while I was waiting for Garrett to come home from school, I happen to look down at my flower bed and guess what I saw? A flower! I knew that the tulip and crocuses were poking up but I never guessed that one was open yet. I had to take a picture. This poor little flower is trying to brave the cold and the wind. Makes me hopeful for spring to arrive...soon.


Hailey Jones said...

Awww, spring! I am going stir crazy, it hit the 70's here on Sat. and snowed Monday it is depressing. I want WARM!!

Cindy said...

i always get so excited to see the first little flowers trying to brave the cold and wind. yay for spring.

Beckie said...

hooray I think I still have snow drifts in my flower beds!!