Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July

I had to work the 4th of July this year so Blaine
was left to be both parents on this holiday. He
was a trooper. He took Garrett and Hannah to
the parade. (Luckily Grandma could keep Ryan
during that time. He's not quite old enough to
appreciate the wonders of a parade!) After the
parade, my family went to Beckie's house (my
sister) to have a BBQ and go fishing. My dad
has a pond that is stocked with fish and is
so perfect for little kids. I guess the fish
were really biting on this day-which makes
for really exciting fishing for little kids.

Here is Hannah just after catching her very first
fish!! Doesn't she look so cute in her 4th of July
outfit? I'm told Hannah wanted nothing to do
with the fish after she caught it.

Here is Garrett...concentrating so hard on
reeling in that fish. Blaine said that just as soon
as you threw your line out, you would get a bite
and hook a fish.

Here is that fish Garrett was working on. Thats
Chet's dad holding the fish for him. They did
catch and release fishing this day but they are
good eats too. We don't feed them and when
catch them, their bellies are full of snails.
Doesn't Garrett look so proud of himself?

Garrett and Hannah got to ride back to my
sister's house on the 4-wheeler with grandpa.
They LOVE riding 4-wheelers and are always
begging us to take them to Beckie and Chet's
house to ride.

Looks like fun times for the 4th of July. I'm
sad I missed it. Later that evening we went
to my brother Brent's house for more BBQ and
some (*shhh* illegal) fireworks. He lit one
fountain that would shoot fireworks up in the sky.
Well, it tipped over and started shooting at
the neighbors and at us and the house. It was
exciting there for a minute. It was kinda funny,
though. Good times, good times.

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Beckie said...

Oooh Hooray for the 4th of July -- one of my favorite holidays-- maybe favorite?? Super kit -- Hannah loved reeling in fish--