Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hannah is such a girly girl. She loves pink and
princesses and having her nails painted. She
wants to wear her "princess Analiese dress"
everyday. She is so sweet and hates the thought
of being in trouble. She is such a girl...happy one
minute, moody and crying the next. I love her so much.
But.... check out her new trick. It drives me crazy and
she knows it so she does it even more!

Here she is having a belching contest with Chet. (Turn your sound up!)

It is gross but people laugh so she keeps doing it!

I can't wait til she gets older...the boys will really love this!


Beckie said...

Heheheheh! I love it!! That video will embarass her someday!!

Jenn said...

She and Reagan should get together...then we can be embarrassed together!!!