Monday, July 13, 2009

On the move

This is Ryan. My little man sittin' big in the

middle of the living room floor.

He's so happy. Who wouldn't be happy with a

big bucket of toys in front of them?

He sits so well but he is just started to

figure out how to scoot around. He gets

around, but he can't figure out how to

get back to where he wants to go.

Here he is...moved from the middle of the room

to being stuck part-way under one of the chairs

in the living room. He doesn't crawl yet, just

scoots around.

Here he is, later in the day. He is completely

under the same chair. You can't see his face

but he is NOT happy...screaming his head off

actually. Poor baby! Can's figure out how to

get out!


Erica Thorson said...

Ryan is SOOOOO cute. I remember Garrett looking just like him.

Beckie said...

Hehehehe that's the spirit-- make sure to get blogging pictures before remedying the situation! I love it!

Jones Town said...

Yes, I know...what a bad mother getting pictures first. This was not the first time he had gotten stuck under the chair. I rescued him first the last time...

Jake and Krista said...

He is soooo cute!

Jason Jones said...

Oh my goodness... That, my dear, is freaking hilarious! I can imagine you sitting there taking pictures (probably chuckling to yourself, as there is no real danger here) and then dragging Ryan back out in front of the toy-box. Thanks for posting this, Jodi! Brightened my morning...