Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Backyard fun!

A few weekends ago my Dad told me he had a surprise for my kids. So, on Saturday Blaine and Garrett went with Doug and my Dad to get the surprise. There was some assembly required (well dis-assembly first). They brought it out to the back yard and we started spray painting.

Then the assembly part started. Its taking shape and my kids were ecstatic!!!

Yay! A swing set! My grandma's old swing set to be exact. The swing set needed some repair but my handy Dad welded a few places and with some paint, its good as new. Only one of the original swings was salvageable. The other was torn. (They are made of conveyor belt material and can support even the heaviest rear end!). We got another swing and a baby swing so all three kids can swing together. Thanks Dad for getting the swing workable again and thanks to Grandma for letting us have it!

The kids all love to swing high. Even Ryan. He just laughs and laughs.
Its a good thing he is belted in or I'd be nervous that he'd fall out. When we first bought our home, the back yard was not very kid friendly. No toys. Then we got a trampoline. Then a basketball hoop, now a swing set. We got a hand-me-down playhouse as well and now our backyard is the place to be!! My kids want to be outside every second of the day. Hannah's new phrase is "Swing me high, mom."


Beckie said...

Swing me high Hannah!! I want someone to push me high!!

I love the new swing set!

Cindy said...

that's such a great swing set. i'm glad it's still around and working good again so more kids get to swing high high high. now you need some lilac bushes behind them so they can reach out with their feet and touch them :)

Purcellville said...

Fun fun! I love swingsets they are the BEST babysitters EVER!