Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had an awesome birthday this year. Usually I'm happy to get my birthday over with and move on with my life and last year I could have done without a birthday all together but his year was different.

First, Blaine threw me a surprise birthday party the day before my actual birthday. Yay me, I showed up late to my own party. In my defense, I was doing something that my husband encouraged me to do but I don't think he thought I'd be as late as I was. Also, he told my family to show up at 6:30 pm and to everyone's surprise, they were ON TIME! Haha! Yup, my family usually trickles in for events.

Anyway, I got there and everyone was wearing party hats and they started singing Happy Birthday to me as I walked in the door. It was awesome. My family sings Happy Birthday with 4 part harmony. Its a wonderful sound.

Blaine got me this special crown with pink feathers. It says Happy Birthday and lights up in the middle. Hannah was jealous and only let me wear it for a few pictures!
This is as I was just walking in the door. Ryan ran to me and couldn't wait to get rid of his hat. I started bawling when they all started singing to me.
Everyone had a party hat. Even the babies. My sister made me a wonderful cake called an Eclair cake. No cake, just Graham crackers, pudding and frosting. It was delish!

The next day was my birthday and I started the day out right with a trip to the dentist for a cleaning. What was I thinking when I scheduled that?? Oh well, no cavities! The day was great, though. I went to lunch with my Grandma Purcell, went shopping for clothes with my hubby (what a good sport!) and then went to a concert. It was the Teton Chamber Orchestra with guest performer Jon Schmidt. It was a very cool concert. Blaine was worried it would be all classical stuff and that he would fall asleep but Jon Schmidt was very good and catered to all the husbands that got dragged to a "piano concert". He even had his dad come up on stage and tell jokes.
No, this is not how we dressed for the concert (although I was surprised and how casual most people were. I must be of an old school mentality that tells me to dress nice for concerts and other things.) Blaine and I went to the 2nd chance prom with some friends a few days before my birthday. Fun, Fun, Fun!
OK, I know you are sick of hearing about my birthday but I just had a really good day and wanted to tell you all about it! Thanks to my sweetheart, Blaine, for making the day so awesome. Also, thanks to my mom for keeping my kids so much that weekend. Thanks to my family for all you do for me. Love you all!


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday!!

I guess I share that old school mentality. I love dressing up to go to things like that and I wish everyone else did, too. It makes the atmosphere different when everyone's dressed up. (Like... how would church feel if half the people wore jeans? Just a thought.)

Cindy said...

so glad you liked the cake. that's definitely what i want for my birthday too. sounds like a good time. i love the surprise party.

Hailey Jones said...

WOW!!! Happy Birthday Jodi!!! You are very loved!! I'm so glad it was a wonderful 2-day event for you, everyone deserves a good birthday celebration. I have to laugh at you saying your family sings Happy Birthday so wonderfully, because I am about to post Ryan's family singing happy birthday to Renee. You will have to check it's safe to words can describe it!;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!