Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Night at the E.R.


I had to put that first bit up there in case any of you get queasy when it comes to medical procedures. Anyway, last Monday night, Blaine was out in our shed, working on our rototiller and he accidentally splashed gasoline in his eye. He came into the house and flushed it out but we thought it might be a good idea to have it checked out in the E.R. The gas splashed in his right eye luckily. I say luckily because he has had a cornea transplant in his left eye.


They tested the pH of his eye. It should be a 7. His was about a 6 1/2. That meant he had to have his eye flushed out some more.

He layed down on the stretcher and they put a bunch of towels under his head. The plan was to put a Morgan's lens in his eye and run saline in it until it was sufficiently flushed out. They were very nice and numbed his eye first.

Blaine thought he could put the lens in himself but its really big so the nice nurse had to help. I was taking picures on my phone the whole time and she probably thought it was really annoying. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to document the process!

The saline is running into his eye and flushing it out. Blaine said it felt really cold and wished the fluid was warmed. Oh well. After this bag of fluid, they would retest the pH of his eye and he might have to have another bag of fluid. We would get them to warm it then. Luckily, the pH was right on and he could go home. After some antibiotic ointment in his eye, we were on our way home.

This is the Morgan's lens. It looks like a great big contact lens but it is very rigid and sits right on your eye. After being checked out with his eye doctor the next day, all is well and his eye will be fine. I'm very thankful for that!


Jenn said...

I'm glad his eye is OK! Love the pictures!

Cindy said...

so scary. thanks for the disclaimer. i scrolled really fast through them and it was nice to be warned first :)

Beckie said...

Makes my eye water-- uhg!!

Jess said...

I'm so sorry it happened! I can't believe you took the time to call and help me in the middle of it. Thank YOU!!!