Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blaine's birthday part 2

Blaine blowing out the candles on his birthday cheesecake.

The Purcell grandkids (minus Ryan)
L to R: Garrett, Jayson, Remi, Liam, Hannah

Blaine and his beer.

So, we had my family over on Sunday to celebrate Blaine's birthday. My family is pretty good about getting together for each birthday and its easy because we all live so close. We had nachos to eat. (When we were growing up, we had nachos almost every Sunday night. I think it was because it was a serve yourself type of meal with easy clean up). Blaine requested cheesecake and had purchased a sampler type of cheesecake...4 different flavors. Yummy! It is always fun to hang out with my family and also to let the kids play. As I mentioned in the earlier post about Blaine's birthday, I gave him the beer can chicken cooker. Beckie and Chet did their part and gave him two whole chickens and a 6-pack of beer! Lets get grillin'!

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Beckie said...

Beer!! Chickin- Nachos-- sounds like super bowl party!!