Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blaine's Birthday

Family photo. Ryan is, of course, asleep for the excitement of opening presents.

Garrett and Hannah last night after decorating cupcakes for Blaine. They were so excited for this birthday suprise.

Blaine's i-tunes gift card from Garrett.

Hannah is showing you how old Blaine is. She is holding up three fingers on each hand.

Look at the smoke!

Today was Blaine's birthday. He had to work a night shift last night, so the kids and I made some cupcakes, frosted them and Garrett wrote "Happy Birthday Daddy!"on them. Then Garrett wrote Blaine a note that said happy birthday and that we worked really hard on the cupcakes and he hoped Blaine liked them. We set them out on the table for Blaine to find when he got home this am. I think he was surprised and really liked them. This evening we gave him his presents. The kids were so excited for him to open them. I don't wrap anything usually, they just come in the plastic bag I bought them in. He got a new air pump from Hannah (so he can blow up her hipity-hop), an i-tunes gift card from Garrett (so he can purchase fun games for him to play on the i-pod), a double beer can chicken cooker and a 3-burner size griddle for his camp cooker. Becky and Chet came over and watched the kids and Blaine and I went to dinner. He wanted to try Red Robin, which is new in Idaho Falls. The food was great and the service was even better. Our food came in record time, which I thought was impressive. We rented movies (Blaine gets a free one because it was his birthday) and came home to blow out the candles. Garrett put one candle in each cupcake...note the smoke in the picture. After they were blown out, Hannah kept saying, "Oh no! Smoke!" Yep, it was a lot of smoke, but that is what happens when you get as old as Blaine and have to blow out so many candles! Haha! Just kidding, babe! We love you Blaine! Hope your birthday was the best!


Hailey Jones said...

Happy Birthday to Blaine!!! You guys are such a cute family and always have so much fun! I wish we lived closer to each other, we could come up with lots of mischevious things to do together. Anyhoo, hope it was a great day for Blaine!

Beckie said...

Those pictures turned out pretty good!! Happy Birthday Blaine-- 33 is old!! I'll never be as old as you!!

Cindy said...

sounds like an ok bday even with a night shift thrown in. i love that all the presents have something to do with the kids. aren't dads great :) and i love that presents usually come in the sack from the store. must be a purcell thing.

Jason said...

Happy Birthday, Cuz! You haven't had any sausage sandwiches without me, have ya?

Take care...