Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mind over matter

Sunday night my brother Doug and his wife Kara came over to hang out. Blaine had made dinner and we ate when I got home from work. Blaine made a great pork roast with green beans and cauliflower. He started cooking the cauliflower while Doug was there and just didn't say anything. When we sat down to dinner, Blaine had mashed the cauliflower in the pan to make it resemble mashed potatoes. Everybody dishes up their plates and starts eating but we were all watching Doug. He kept saying, "What?" We asked him how he liked his mashed potatoes and he told us they were fine but he thought we made them from instant hashbrowns. We just started laughing and Garrett looks up and says, "Its cauliflower." Well, I don't think Doug believed us at first but as soon as he decided that it realy was cauliflower he was eating he stopped right then and there. He wouldn't take another bite. We were all laughing and telling him he liked it just a second ago, whats wrong now? I told him I would have to make fun of him in my blog and he just grinned...but he wouldn't eat anymore "potatoes." Whats wrong Doug??? Hahahaha!!


Beckie said...

That's hilarious! I don't know that I would have eaten them after that either- something in your mind triggers and its over!

Cindy said...

sissy doug. even a 6 year old can eat smashed up cauliflower :)